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I need some motivation to get on the right track towards a healthy lifestyle. What is my first step?

Personal training is the perfect way to effectively kick-start your health and fitness journey. Having an expert who is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals makes you accountable for keeping on track. C-Life  also recommends training with a friend. You may find that having a companion will encourage you to keep up with your new routine while having fun.

Should I stretch before or after a workout and how long should I be holding my stretches?

A warm up is recommended before you begin your training session. The purpose of a warm up is to increase joint range of motion, slowly increase your heart rate and heat up your muscles before the session. Stretching is generally recommended after your workout. Stretching after exercise can help to relax and balance tension on muscles that have just been exercised, also assisting with muscle recovery and injury prevention. A stretch should be held between 15-30 seconds.

Do I need to take protein powder and pre-workout supplements to gain muscle?

While you don’t need to take supplements to see results, they can definitely assist in speeding up the process. Benefits of basic supplements like creatine and whey protein isolate include improved strength, an increase of your body’s fat burning potential and increased muscle definition.  With so many different brands and labels on the market, it’s hard to know what’s best for you.  We recommend speaking to one of our personal trainers for advice on what’s most suitable for you.

I want to lose weight but I don’t want to bulk up. Should I stay away from weights and resistance exercises?

Putting on a significant amount of muscle as a result of resistance training comes down to the weight and repetitions of each exercise. Higher repetitions with a lighter weight are ideal for those working out to lose weight.  Keep in mind, adding a bit of muscle isn’t a bad thing and doesn’t automatically classify you as ‘bulky’. Adding a little muscle will increase your metabolism and your body's ability to burn calories.

What is the best way to lose the most calories as quickly as possible during a workout?

High Intensity Training (HIT) is one of the most efficient styles of training when it comes to calorie burning. As you are working at a high intensity for the duration of session, you can get away with 30-45mins work out. Working at a high intensity also means you are constantly burning calories throughout the session. Try a HIT class at C-Life and experience HIT at its best. Click here for class times. Link to timetable page.

How do I know which group fitness class is the best for me?

With a wide range of different style group fitness classes, it’s hard to know which one to choose. Give them all a go and see which ones you enjoy most!  You could also choose which classes to do according to your goal. If your aim is to strengthen your core muscles and increase flexibility, give yoga a go. Or, if you’re strapped for time and want to have a high calorie burning session try BLITZ or Spin.

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Things to know before I join…

• As per Fitness Australia standards it is recommended that all males over the age of 35 and females over the age of 45 have a medical assessment including an exercise ECG and cholesterol and lipid count.

• Always read any exercise advice carefully.

• It is highly recommended that you ask a staff member to guide you into the most suitable class or program.

• Work at a low level on your first visit and concentrate on learning to do the exercise correctly.

• Be sure to limit yourself to a pace where you can still talk comfortably.

• Should you suffer any illness or condition in the future, please tell us so that we may update your files/program and take the opportunity to advise you appropriately.

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