Weekend Survival Guide

Don’t be intimidated by the weekend anymore!

Our top tips to staying on TRACK over the weekend!

1. Factor in something you enjoy, into your intake for the day. Something to look forward to & reward yourself with, for staying on track throughout the day and the rest of the week. This allows you to plan the rest of your day around it with regards to your other meals and serves as motivation to help you stay on track throughout the rest of the week. This is called balance.

2. Try fasting for a few hours or spacing your meals further apart which will ultimately mean consuming less meals in total. So you don't dent the calorie budget early on, only to be left with nothing later, especially if hunger tends to trigger at night. Factor in a meal at the specific time that you do tend to go overboard or fall short.

3. Train & do cardio. Simply as a means of occupying yourself as well as to remind you of your goals. A large element of this is the psychological & emotional battle. Staying strong mentally is just as important, if not more. Do things to engrain your goals in your mind. Besides, why not burn some calories while you’re at it too?

4. Stay Busy. If you're away from food or too occupied to think of food, your chances of going off track are decreased dramatically. Literally, out of sight, out of mind. So, go out and enjoy your weekend, don't waste it by sitting around all day, only to derail your progress through eating out of boredom! Never underestimate the link between boredom and sporadic eating or snacking, those calories can add up before you know it.

5. Make smart choices, go for low calorie/high volume alternatives. This helps you keep full & less likely to overeat. Fact, we tend to binge because of hunger rather than cravings.
Stay hydrated. Fluid occupies space in your stomach, helping you feel full & suppresses those hunger signals.

6. If need be, prepare your meals beforehand & take them with you, wherever you go. That includes snacks/bars/shakes etc. A lack of structure can be a downfall for most of us, especially when placed in a situation where we might resort to the easy way out. Failing to prepare, is preparing to fail!

7. If you really don't trust yourself, don't have trigger foods in the house. Reintroduce them as you develop your discipline over time. This however, does not teach control or rectify the issue. In an ideal world, we would be able to exercise self-control at will. A good way to think about this tip is to spend a short period without any trigger foods in the house, then slowly bring them back as you see progress and develop better habits and discipline.

8. Recognize that rectifying this problem requires you to be proactive about it & genuinely want to beat it. Sadly, it can be quite a vicious cycle. Train hard all week, fall short on the weekend and punish ourselves come Monday morning. The last thing we want is to view fitness as a chore or punishment, so let’s aim to break the cycle and fall in love with fitness all over again!

Don't let the Weekend be your Weak End!

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