• Angela

    Qualifications: BA of Leisure Studies, Certificate III & IV Personal Trainer
    Experience: Since 2000
    Training Specialties: Pre & Post Partum (Pregnancy), Weight Loss, Strength Training

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  • Daniel

    Qualifications: B Health Science; Certificate III & IV Personal Trainer; Boxing Certification
    Experience: Semi-professional football; Studying Sport & Exercise Science
    Training Specialties: Sports specific conditioning; Weight loss; Strength and hypertrophy training

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  • George

    Qualifications: Certificate III & IV in Fitness, Group Fitness Instructor
    Experience: Since 2010
    Training Specialties: Mixed Martial Arts for Fitness or Technical Work, Metabolic Conditioning and Circuit Training.

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  • Matt

    Qualifications: Certificate III & IV Personal Trainer; Crossfit Level 1, Strength & Conditioning Level 1; Boxing Certification
    Experience: Since 2002
    Training Specialties: Strength & Conditioning; Crossfit; Functional Fitness; Flexibility & Mobility; Rehabilitation

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  • NOOR

    Qualifications: Certificate III & IV in Fitness
    Experience: Since 2012
    Training Specialties: Muscle Gain, Weight Loss, Sports Specific, Strength & Conditioning

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  • Ray

    Qualifications: Certificate III & IV Fitness, Certificate IV Life Coaching, Diploma of Fitness
    Experience: Since 2006, Professional Rugby League Player
    Training Specialties: High Intensity Circuit Training, Weight Loss, Athletic Training, Mental Conditioning

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  • Steve

    Qualifications: Certificate III & IV Personal Trainer; Strength & Conditioning Lvl 1; Boxing ABA Lvl 1
    Experience: Since 1999
    Training Specialties: High Intensity Training (X-Fit), Weight Loss, Muscle Gain, Sports Specific, Functional Training

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  • Vince

    Qualifications: Certificate III & IV Personal Trainer, Certificate Trainer Corrective/Core Exercises, Certificate Boxing Instructor
    Experience: Since 2006
    Training Specialties: Weight Loss, Strength/Conditioning Programs

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